Laurie and Gunny are Dog Lovers Guru
Love. The most powerful thing in the Universe. I learned this, and so much more, from my dog Gunny. Together, we are Dog Lovers Guru.
Gunny and Laurie

Gunny’s and my dream is for people and their dogs to understand each other better. To realize the full potential in life together. We are, after all, two different species. But what a great combination! We are both capable of unconditional love, joy, and compassion. With an open mind and open heart, we can help each other realize our hopes and dreams. That’s the mission of Dog Lovers Guru.

What makes Dog Lovers Guru different than a lot of sites is that we are not just focused on any one subject like health or training. We talk about the dog-human bond from the perspective of a dedicated dog Mom and a smart and philosophical dog who have experienced a lot together – both good and bad. We want to help you get to know your dog better, and for your dog to better understand you, too.

Struggling with a puppy who suddenly has a mind of his own? What is he feeling and trying to say?

Looking for a great new activity to share with your 3 year-old pup? Figure out what your dog loves and give him some choices!

Dealing with a worrisome health diagnosis? We can point you in the right direction and give you solid, reliable, and cutting-edge information if you are seeking it. We can also guide you with holistic and palliative options if you prefer.

Walking the sometimes long and lonely road with your best friend through the final stages of life? We’ve been there. We know how hard it is. We’ve got some tips and tricks to put some spark in every day and help you through the process.

We are dishing out love and wisdom by the daily spoonful to dog lovers! Check our blog posts on a huge variety of topics. Take a look at the one-on-one, hard-to-find services we offer. Read our book, The Endless Path. Or join us for a class or a free discussion group.

You can pick and choose what makes sense for you and your beloved dog. Let’s all thrive together, helping and loving each other along this path called life.

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Discussion group Sunday, November 7, 2021 5:00 pm

The challenges of life with an older dog and dealing with loss

As our dogs age, they often lose their hearing or vision, struggle with movement, and can develop cognitive impairments (doggy dementia). It is sometimes a tough adjustment to the “new normal.” Chat with fellow dog lovers about different things to try to improve quality of life and have peace of mind.

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Professional services

Animal Reiki

I’m a Reiki Master and have been offering Reiki to dogs and other animals for 15 years, including my own, with astounding results.

Veterinary Health Advocate Services

I can help you understand your dog’s medical records, assist you in managing their symptoms or mobility problems, and what you’d want to discuss with your vet.

Webinars and Zoom Classes

I periodically provide both free discussion groups and paid classes to deal with some of the challenging aspects of raising a dog.

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Podcast December 15, 2019

Let's connect with Keith Macpherson

Keith Macpherson talks with Laurie, who “speaks movingly about the depth of her bond with her dog, her grief over his passing and her belief that death is not the end but just part of the cycle of reincarnation. She still feels connected to Gunny and hopes that her story will inspire and comfort other pet owners.”

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Podcast May 21, 2018

Stories that empower with Sean Farjadi

Laurie discusses how to learn to trust yourself, how to find your passion and purpose, and how possibilities open up for us once we stop doing what doesn’t bring us joy.

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Article May 11, 2018

Gracefully Walking Your Dog Through the Aging Process

In this article published in NOVADog Magazine, Laurie explains how the last years of our animal companions can prove quite challenging –given the rate of cancer, heart problems or degenerative diseases that our older dogs face– and what to do about it.

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