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Ganimedes (“Gunny”) Duperier entered this world as a dog 20 years ago today. I did not meet Gunny the Dog until August 31, 2007, but as it turns out, I had known the soul inside of him forever.

Although it would make for a better story if I said “I recognized him immediately,” I have never sugar-coated the fact that I not only did not recognize him when we met, I didn’t even like him very much the first couple of years. He was a most difficult puppy, which he himself admits, and the truth is I don’t think he recognized me or even himself in those early years.

So here we are, 20 years later. We figured it out over time. There has never been a day in those 20 years, whether he was in his body or after he died, that I have not thought of him and loved him. He was made of pure magic. He was tough as nails. He loved deeply and profoundly from the depth of his soul. He was wise beyond measure. He was funny. He was brave. And he is still all of those things, and more.

So today I celebrate with a full and happy heart his brief return to me 20 years ago. I know that he has always been with me, and he always will be.

But it doesn’t matter what I believe or if you share that belief. What Gunny would tell you is that what matters is that you love, with all your heart, and that you are grateful for whatever time you have with those that you love. In the end, nothing else really matters. Loving like that is a gift and it is more powerful than anything in the Universe.

Happy Birthday my beloved Ganimedes the Dog! Today we celebrate your life and all the gifts that you gave us. Your life this time around touched so many people, and still does through your words. There will never be another like you! As James Taylor would say, “You are my only one.”

If you want to know more about Gunny’s story I invite you to read The Endless Path .

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