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I think dogs have hopes and dreams. In fact, I know they do. Gunny talked about it in our book, The Endless Path. He mused that on lots of days, especially when he was younger, all he really hoped for was a sunny day, something good to eat, and just to feel good. As he got older, he took things more seriously and actually wanted to do some good in this world. And boy did he. He taught me, his vets, and all the people who read his book quite a lot about how the world looks through a dog’s eyes. Once you know, you have no excuse not to pay more attention, talk to your dog, and give her more freedom and variety in her life.

Have you thought about what your dog might hope for in 2022? I bet you that top of the list would be more time with you. You are your dog’s everything. So if he or she got one wish, I’m pretty sure that it would be to spend time with you – doing anything! That should be a pretty easy wish to fulfill with a little planning, so I hope you’ll give it a go in 2022!

Maybe your dog hopes for more exercise? More variety in the food bowl? A companion? A new game or activity? A trip somewhere? Learning a new skill? I invite you to really think about it because chances are, your pup will need your help to make his wish come true.

I think my Beau really wants to make some new friends in 2022. At our house in Maryland, he had play dates all the time and such good doggy friends. He loves to play with other dogs, and loves to play with the ones he knows well even more. Little mistakes are forgiven among good friends, so they wrestled hard and never got mad at each other. It’s my responsibility to help him meet those friends. He can’t very well go out and do it on his own. So, my 2022 to do list includes helping him find some good friends right along with me so that he can play carefree as often as possible.

What do you think your dog hopes for and how can you help him make it happen? Let us know!

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