The Endless Path chronicles the extraordinary journey of two soul mates who overcame almost insurmountable odds to find each other, love each other unconditionally, and to stay together as long as they possibly could. It is the story of Gunny and me. Gunny was a chocolate Labrador retriever and I am a person, but those are just the forms that our souls took this time around. You’ve never read a memoir quite like this one because Gunny was not only a dog, but also my co-author. He was able to write his part with the help of his gifted animal communicator, Alexandra, who could hear him quite clearly. The book traces our life together from when Gunny and I met, until his death at almost fifteen years old, and beyond.

The Endless Path follows our lives together around the world, how we changed each other, and his struggles to survive rare illnesses time and time again. It is knowing the edge of death that deepened Gunny’s commitment to life —and his reflections on life, love, relationships, and what it all means are astonishing. Gunny tells us the story of his life, his past lives, and incredibly, about the soul pact that he and I had made long ago.

While there is adventure, laughter, and tears along The Endless Path, in the end, it is about love and all the amazing things that it can accomplish.


Gunny in his own words

I know we have walked this walk together so many times. Why is letting go so difficult? Not just for you but for me also. I have to be honest about that. It hasn’t only been your need for me to stay but mine also because I keep finding a new surprise around every corner in this amazing life I share with you. We both have a choice, a say in our future together or apart. But I believe as before we are still held together by mutual love and will find each other again in the mist of eternity.

— Ganimedes

I saw there were these beings full of beautiful light and some had wings. I had seen similar creatures before in Spain. I heard Alexandra mention ‘guardian angels’ and then one of them spoke to me in a soothing musical voice and I felt something I had never felt before. There was a flood of emotion inside me and I wondered why I hadn’t noticed before. Was it just time for me to know of their existence? I just knew I wanted this creature of light, this angel, to stay by my side. She sings to me sometimes and tells me not to worry. Laurie is my guardian angel in the flesh, the pink lady my spirit guide.

— Ganimedes

You asked, ‘What is life’s purpose as I see it?’ Interesting question. One thought up by someone other than a dog.

Some dogs are given tasks to do, some are trained for their owners to command, some dogs are given the job of companionship, some are mistreated and neglected, some take off on their own or try to. I would imagine the answer would be very subjective but I want to think about why dogs are so loyal to their companions, especially when mistreated. Does it go beyond necessity? I know in my case (I’m not mistreated) it is partly because of instinct and partly because of an internal mutual attraction and need to love and be loved.

— Ganimedes

Humans are complicated. Most animals are not. Maybe it’s because animals don’t pretend to be something they’re not. They don’t have hidden agendas and their basic desires are known. They are honest. They have no reason to lie. A predator is a predator. Humans may say one thing and mean another. We all have to find a way to survive, but animals have a clearer connection to the earth than most people have. They are aware of its heart, its pulse. They know when they are in sync or out of balance with nature. Of course most dogs are not in the kill-or-be-killed category but they are still able to communicate with their hearts and their minds.

— Ganimedes
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Two souls entwined together forever

Totally enjoyable story line, a little different than I expected. If you're an animal lover and believe they could be a soul mate this is a book for you. You will laugh and cry and cheer the characters on through the entire book. I don't want to give away the main theme because that's the best part. Totally enjoyable.

— Alexandra B.

This book was a life-changing book for me in terms of my relationship with my own dog

his book was a life-changing book for me in terms of my relationship with my own dog. Laurie Duperier and her dog Gunny were an inspiration. Well-written, the book draws you into their lives.

— Carolyn Finch

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read something truly great

★ Featured review

This is more than just a book, it is more than a story. It made an imprint on my soul as it is the most touching, loving tribute. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read something truly great.

— Carole C.

It’s a beautifully written memoir about the soulful relationship between a dog

The Endless Path is a must-read for dog-lovers. It’s a beautifully written memoir about the soulful relationship between a dog, Gunny, and his owner, Laurie. I could relate to the story on many levels. I, too, feel a strong connection with my dog. We speak the same language, not necessarily through words, but through love. Our hearts are connected on an energetic level. Laurie’s bond with her dog, and the way she expressed his “endless path” throughout the book, enriched my understanding about the bond I have with my dog. When I finished The Endless Path, I looked at my dog in a different way, wondering who he was and how deeply and soulfully I knew him. Thank you, Laurie, for writing your story, and helping other dog-lovers value the same spiritual relationship.

— Lori G.

Incredible story

I believe Laurie's story and admire her courage (and Gunny's) in telling. There are many dimensions we do not understand and their paths help us on our own. Love is love.

— Susan M.

I found this book about their relationship beautiful and touching

I always admire people who try to understand their pet's wants and needs, and there is no one means of doing so. Laurie used an animal communicator to help understand her beloved dog Gunny's thoughts and feelings. While it's not my own personal experience, I found this book about their relationship beautiful and touching. I believe that dogs have feelings, emotions and thoughts more complex than some give them credit for. Read this book and discover an endless bond of love you won't soon forget.

— Peggy Frezon

The Endless Path by Laurie Duperier – Book Review

★ Featured review

As an animal communicator, I find myself engrossed in the field of communicating with animals, the possibilities and the wonderful stories of how this technique has helped animals all over the world. I’m also an avid reader, so when a book on the subject comes along I tend to grab a copy and devour it in its entirety. The same goes for books on reiki and energy work, but I recently came across a book on animal communication that I just had to read.

The book is called The Endless Path and is available from many outlets such as Amazon, Barnes&Noble and the wonderful website where you can read more and even buy a signed copy by the author.

What is particularly interesting about this book is that it is written by a lovely lady called Laurie Duperier… and her dog Ganimedes! This wonderful collaboration came about thanks to an animal communicator who was able to connect with Ganimedes on a very clear level.

For the next couple of years, the two of them communicated regularly although it was purely simple things such as what he wanted like a new bed or special toy. However, when he turned 13 he began to talk in a more philosophical way, as if he was more aware of life and death and the world around him and his family.

The communications began to become deeper and more detailed, at a time when he became gravely ill. Unfortunately Gunny had many health issues over the ensuing years and Laurie had lots of tough decisions to make. Thankfully, Gunny had a say in these matters and with Laurie’s determination and deep love for Gunny, they managed several more years together, learning about each other along the way.

Obviously not everyone is open to the possibilities of animal communication, but when you hear what ‘Gunny’ has to say and it is confirmed by Laurie and her vet then you just have to say ‘wow!’.

I found the book easy to read, insightful and basically a rollercoaster for the emotions, as we follow the journey Laurie and Gunny travel in this life, from the good times to the many difficult issues they had to face together.

Keep reading →

— Jason Wickens , Talking to Animals

A heartwarming story of a soulful journey about love that transcends time

★ Featured review

If you believe in love, a love between two soulmates tethered by a single thread, a love that transcends time, you'll LOVE this book. And if you love dogs, the unconditional love, trust, bonds of friendship and triumphs over the struggles that life may present, you'll love this book even more! The Endless Path is a beautifully written, heartwarming memoir about the soulful journey shared by Laurie and Ganimedes (Gunny for short), a chocolate Labrador that would eventually become the love and light of Laurie's life, and vice versa. Theirs is a spiritual story about the bonds, the connection shared between two life-loving spirits; an inspiring tale of companionship, struggle, triumph and a celebration of life. When Laurie and Gunny met the first time, it was love at first sight and soon their "endless path" would take them from from Los Angeles, to Hong Kong, to Switzerland and finally Washington, D.C., not to mention the occasional holiday in Spain, Juan Carlos' home life.

Gunny's new family provided and ensured an enriching life filled with love, attention and stimulation; and sadly, the empathy and understanding accompanied by the heartbreak that comes with having to care for a helpless victim of one medical affliction after the next. No dog owner should ever have to endure what Laurie and Gunny were forced to endure in their lifetime!

But love triumphs after all, and despite the life-threatening challenges and distressing obstacles thrust into their "endless path," their relationship survived for nearly 15 years, and beyond…

Personally, I can relate to Laurie's bond with Gunny, because I too had my soulmate, Buddy, an adopted Yellow Lab who lit up my life, my constant companion always by my side, ready to smother me with love and who believed in me at times when I didn't. He knew how to make my heart soar, and Gunny knew how to make Laurie's soar. If you're a dog owner, you know exactly what I mean.

If you believe in such a love, then let me recommend a must-read memoir that is The Endless Path!

— Jeff Titelius

Everlasting love!

The Endless Path is a beautiful love story of two soul mates, that also included a beloved husband and a sweet dog named Bacchus. I did not know it would have me laughing and crying by chapter one. It is a true love story and does not matter if you believe in reincarnation or not as the words are what you would want to hear from your beloved dog. It opened my heart and changed me! Once I started reading, I could not put the book down as I wanted to go on the journey with Laurie and Gunny, along with the family, the doctors and others who helped along the way.

I admire the family for all they went through and the love they had and understanding how Laurie did not want to let Gunny go. It truly is a story of everlasting love and I will read it again and again as it will always remind me that anything is possible if you truly believe.

The story helped me with my grief and I will be forever grateful to Laurie for their story. I would highly recommend the book to anyone that loves their dog or grieving for their dog as it will bring you comfort and peace and maybe even look at life in a different way!

— Nadene

This memoir, co-authored by human and dog, reveals a timeless bond of love between two soulmates – and profound life guideposts!

I read this book shortly after the passing of our beloved black Labrador. I laughed and cried reading the adventures and trials of Laurie and "Gunny" – their mutual adoration is undeniable. Their trials and tribulations on countless travels eased my grief while offering profound life-lessons.

— Amazon customer

If you are a animal/dog lover please treat yourself to this amazing book

(…) The first sentence and I was hooked. You must know that I am not an avid book reader however I ordered this book from Amazon and could not put it down. If you are a animal/dog lover please treat yourself to this amazing book. I felt every tug of heart Laurie went through. I also had a chocolate lab named Brandy that was similar to Gunny. Laurie and Gunny gave me great insight into dog/people relationships. Now the best part. After reading this book I felt compelled to e-mail this woman and tell her how this book helped with the loss of my Brandy. I met Laurie this past week and I can tell you that she and her dog Gunny had such an impact in my daily life. I would tell you what took place at this meeting with Laurie but you have to read the book because the path that Laurie took with Gunny would let you in on too much information. All I can say is please do yourself a favor and get this book.

— Amazon customer

Absolutely beautiful story of these 2 soulmates

Absolutely beautiful story of these 2 soulmates. Well written, thoughtful, insightful, page turning, hugely emotional from extreme joy to gut wrenching tears. You don't want to turn the last page as you realize how greatly you will miss Gunny and his stories. What a story that makes your heart smile! Thank you Laurie and Gunny for sharing your story with us.

— Amazon Customer

Dive into this love story between Laurie and Gunny

I have given this book as a gift to many "dog people," including friends who really don't read much. The reaction every time is eerily similar: a phone call or immediate text stating, "This is exactly how I feel/felt about (name of dog)!" Once one begins, it is almost impossible to do anything else but read to its conclusion. It is a consuming and very moving tale that affirms how so many of us feel about our dogs. It can be read on many levels, from the strictly literal to the highly metaphorical. Dive into this love story between Laurie and Gunny!

— Sara

A heartfelt tale

Very heartfelt tale (maybe it is "tail" in this case) of respect and love for life and relationship. If you love that pet, the one dog that is special, that's not like the others, and find yourself talking to him/her, then this book likely is for you. Maybe, just maybe they are listening to us and we are not trying hard enough to hear what they have to say.

— Mark Frezno

This touching and unpretentious memoir is so much more than a story about a relationship between a pet and his owner

How far does one go to assist and comfort one's soul mate? This lovingly crafted book answer's that question. It made me laugh and it made me cry. It is an utterly compelling read.

— jjReads

This book is one of the most wonderful stories I have ever read

This book is one of the most wonderful stories I have ever read. It grabbed my heart like no other story has. I highly recommend that you buy this book. You will want to read it over and over again. I received it at 6:00 PM and started to read it, I could not put it down. I finished it at 8:30pm and my heart was full of love for Laurie and Gunny.

— Patricia A. Moller

This book helps you enjoy that journey

"The Endless Path: A Memoir" by Laurie Duperier takes the reader to another dimension, the spirit, mind and emotion of her beloved dog. How often have you wondered what your "best friend" is thinking? This book helps you enjoy that journey, the endless path.

— Amazon Customer

Every animal lover should have this book

I bought this book hoping to finally bring relief from losing one of my pups six years ago. Little did I know, it helped me so much with letting go of my dog, Bella, on January 5th. This book should be on any animal lovers shelf.

— Susan Graziosi

Dog lovers must read

[It] is a wonderful account of a wonderful relationship [that] helped me understand how to deal with my own dog and take more advantage of time.

— Martin Z

Animal artistry

I must admit I was skeptical about the premise of this memoir, but Laurie Duperier's intimate expression changed my mind. Her passion and shear, unconditional honesty doesn't allow for skepticism.

— Sharan Z Jayne

This is a great book, charged with true love feelings

This is a great book, charged with true love feelings that shows us the power of love between a dog an her owner, with no barriers, not even death. I sure recommend it!

— María

A beautiful story...

It's been a long time since I read a book that touched me the way this one did. It opened up a whole new, beautiful world to me and completely changed the way I interact with my animal friends.

— Beth

She enjoyed that a lot I think

This was a lovely book. My cat is in renal failure and has IBD and she recently had to be taken to the ER for a severe infection. It was touch and go for a few weeks after she came home. A friend mentioned this book to me and I bought it and read it aloud to her. She enjoyed that a lot I think, but the book gave me great comfort and helped me find strength during a very difficult time. So many people do not understand the bond that can exist between a person and a pet, and how difficult it can be to make the life and death decisions for them.

— Marquesse

A beautiful, soulful memoir

Laurie's sentimental memoir, The Endless Path, was a beautifully written story. The novel was both charming and magnificent. I enjoyed every single chapter, and I have gained a greater understanding, appreciation, and love for animals, especially dogs. Gunny's story is both triumphant and emotionally captivating. The memoir presents itself in such a wonderfully conversational tone, that when you begin the first page of the story, it is as if Laurie is sitting right in front of you telling it. I thoroughly enjoyed the memoir, and I highly recommend it to anybody who loves animals. I am convinced that this memoir would even convince the most cruel person to have some compassion toward animals after they finish reading it. It is so beautiful and uplifting to read about someone who truly has a deep care and genuine desire to help animals as much as Laurie does.

— Catie


Once you have lived with a dog, you realize that they have emotions; they experience love, joy and sadness. Laurie’s connection with her dog, Gunny, was extraordinary. She takes us on the journey they shared from his puppyhood to his passing – and beyond. Though this book may challenge your beliefs, in whole or in part, it is an amazing story of love and devotion.

Oh, and did I mention the book is co-written by Gunny? His thoughts on the human and animal condition are full of insight and wisdom. This is a great book for dog lovers, but I have to say it’s a great read for anyone. If you happen to have loved a cat, horse, or any other animal who you felt was more than just a pet, this story should really touch you.

Happily, the book is also very well written!

— Maureen

Much More Than a Dog's Life

I am tempted to begin, “If you have ever loved a dog…”, but the fact is you will be deeply touched by Laurie and Gunny’s story if you have ever loved anyone with all your heart. This intelligent and well-written memoir recounts the challenges of sharing life with a dog who is not completely a dog, from the day Gunny arrives as a wedding present from her husband Juan Carlos, through his improbably long life.

The experience changed Laurie’s perspective, her career and her ideas of how far she would go to save someone she loves. Laurie’s love also changed Gunny and helped him realize who he was and what his life was about. Gunny, who co-authored the book, has a lot to say about the interdependent lives that people and animals share and he says it with wisdom, simplicity and a voice completely his own.

This a great read and a book you will want to share with your friends and loved ones.

— Mark

A novel approach to an autobiography with an incredibly moving result

This is a beautiful, touching story that I could totally identify with. I love dogs and especially labs. I have used a communicator to talk to my dogs and it has really opened up my mind and soul and allowed me to know them on an entirely different level. If they could read, I would give them this book and I am sure they would love it, too! I can't imagine how Laurie survived seeing her soulmate so sick so many times! I thank them for writing about their path and allowing me to travel it with them.

— Jane Bupp

It is not often that we are given the opportunity to participate in a magical and uplifting journey

It is not often that we are given the opportunity to participate in a magical and uplifting journey that exposes the soul of inter-being interactions. Reading "The Endless Path" out loud in the evenings took our family on such a trip. We were transported and transfixed by Laurie's and Gunny's story and joined "Gunny's Army" as we walked along with them on this always inspiring, often harrowing but never disheartening journey. We would close the book each night, sometimes with tears in our eyes, often with smiles on our faces, and always with hope.

For us, HOPE is the heart of this story. Since we are facing many of the issues that confronted Gunny and Laurie, we needed to learn the secrets of gaining the most our of our relationships and how to travel the road we are facing with dignity, love and courage. Every time Mila Luna glides into the warm waters of Gunny's Rainbow in Laurie's comforting arms, we are reminded of the observation by Yogi Berra, "It is not over till its over!" We are happy that Laurie's and Gunny's journey is not over.

— Mila Luna, Pamela and Irv

Excellent read!

Have you ever read a book slowly because it was so good that you didn't want it to end? This book is very special. I laughed out loud and cried by page 17. Very heartwarming story that will keep you engaged. Excellent read!

— Amazon Customer

A beautiful love story that explores our relationships with the animals that are in our lives

I thoroughly enjoyed delving into the story. Just when I thought I knew where the author was taking me the story took a turn and captured my curiosity again. Well written, couldn't put it down.

— Anonymous

An amazing, moving and soulful story

An amazing, moving and soulful story. I've bought multiple copies to share with friends and they love it too!

— Mary Ann Redmond

Read this book!

A really great read! It's a beautiful love story with some lots of interesting twists. It's the kind of book you share with friends.

— Lisa Marley

This book details a truly beautiful love story between soul mates

This book details a truly beautiful love story between soul mates. It will have you crying at the end of one chapter and laughing at the beginning of the next. A MUST READ!

— Katina Lee

A beautifully written story about love that has no end

A beautifully written story about love that has no end. This book has forever changed the way I will think about the dogs that are and that have been in my life. I feel fortunate that I was able to experience part of Laurie and Gunny's unforgettable journey.

— Kirsten

A wonderful love story

Couldn't put the book down (although, I did have to in order to go to work)! It's a wonderful story about love and devotion. Did a whole lot of crying. Recommend it for anyone...not just those who love their dog.

— BeHappy

I highly recommend this book for anyone in the mood for a good story and an easy read

It opens your eyes to the possibilities of what your pet experiences and the life lessons he or she has to share. And, even if you don't believe it all, it is a lovely story.

— Amazon Customer

A wonderful story

A beautiful love story that explores our relationships with the animals that are in our lives. I thoroughly enjoyed delving into the story. Just when I thought I knew where the author was taking me the story took a turn and captured my curiosity again. Well written, couldn't put it down.

— Amazon Customer

A brand new light is discovered in our beloved creatures

I couldn't put down this memoir down! If you are dog or animal lover I highly recommend this memoir. It's the most spiritual memoir I've ever read. Laurie starts out as a typical dog owner and was very committed to the love and care of her dog(s). Then illness and medical problems occur which brought out a brand new relationship with her dog Gunny which she and he never expected.

The journey is awe inspiring, beautiful and yet very exhausting. I will never forget this story. This book brings on a new meaning of our love for our beloved pets.

— Julie

An unforgettable story of love, trust, and relationships with the animals (dogs) in our lives

I could not put this story (this book) down and stayed up last the first night I got it to finish it. To those that have not read this touching story of two soulmates, you have to do so (tissues close by). You can feel every emotion ( the love, the joy, the pain and the sorrow) from each experience along the path of Gunny's time with Laurie as well as Gunny's desire for Laurie to continue on her path after he is gone. It's an incredible story that can't be missed. If you are a dog lover you have got to buy this book as it will bring new meaning to your relationships (past and present) with your dog(s).

— Scharla Estep

The Endless Path is a Great Journey

The Endless Path, co-authored by Laurie and Ganimedes Duperier, is a compelling account of Laurie's discovery that she and her chocolate Lab "Gunny" have a unique relationship that spans time and space. They share a special bond that can only be described as one of "soul mates." With the assistance of a clairvoyant, Laurie is able to talk with Gunny who gradually reveals their connection in previous lives and the reason he has returned to be by her side in his current life. In addition to sharing his message with Laurie, Gunny offers readers a new perspective on life that can be a roadmap for the individual paths they must traverse. An honest and very readable story, The Endless Path, will have you rooting, along with Team Gunny, for Gunny's survival through a series of health issues. Laurie refuses to give up on Gunny; his warrior spirit refuses to give up on them. Before his earthly death, Gunny and Laurie reconnect. Now, fully cognizant of where and how their endless path has taken them, they reach a peacefulness that inspires their readers.

If you love dogs, if you have ever felt like your dog was trying to communicate with you, if you believe in reincarnation or if you believe in soul mates, The Endless Path is a must read. Even the most skeptical reader will be swayed by the honesty and passion that flows from Laurie's pen. She writes with a style and a tone that draws the reader into the story and takes him / her along for the journey. And all readers will benefit from the message that Gunny delivers.

— Amazon Customer

An interesting, touching, and thought provoking memoir

This is an almost unbelievable true story about a successful, professional woman who comes to love a dog. Laurie’s life takes her to live in several places around the world, but the love of her dog changes her life forever. There are tales to tell, and tails that tell. The book is written, in part, by Laurie’s dog Gunny, and it offers a new perspective on the soul at the other end of the leash. It is a book for anyone who has felt a connection with animals, but especially for anyone who has ever loved and been loved by a dog.

— Dorie