Reiki is a universal healing energy that can be directed to any living being for their physical, emotional, and spiritual benefit. I’m a Reiki Master and have been offering reiki to dogs and other animals for 15 years, including my own, with astounding results.

I’ve found it most helpful to dogs who are ill or undergoing treatment that zaps their energy. For them, reiki can provide a bit of a battery charge. It’s also helpful to reduce acute pain or tackle nausea.

Reiki is a complementary treatment. It’s not a substitute for proper veterinary care. I have not seen it cure cancer, although I’ve seen it help with quality of life and manage side effects of cancer treatment or symptoms of illness.

I am able to send the reiki long distance with beneficial effect. Your dog will decide whether to accept the reiki energy, and they usually welcome it. If they don’t, I stop offering it after a short time. All I need is a picture of your dog where I can see his/her eyes and his/her name.

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