Ganimedes “Gunny” Duperier was born on July 5, 1997 in Maryland. He was confident, handsome, and had a great sense of humor. He expressed pure joy by dancing around the room with a shoe in his mouth, and excelled at softly howling to Flamenco music (in the right key). He loved rolling in grass, staring at the stars at night, and feeling the sea spray on his face at the beach. And he really really really loved bread.

He lived and traveled all over the world with Laurie, from Hong Kong to Switzerland to Spain to the United States. He shared his incredible spirit with hundreds of people and made his mark on their heart. He was the overseer of Gunny’s Rainbow, their water therapy pool, and coached Laurie on how to listen to what each dog needed.

As he grew older, his consciousness evolved such that he began to really think about his life, his purpose in this world, and how to share his dog perspective with others. Gunny jumped at the chance to co-author The Endless Path with Laurie, and spent over a hundred hours dictating his thoughts and feelings to Alexandra, his animal communicator, in response to questions that Laurie posed to him. The writing process allowed him to explore his own consciousness and purpose, and profoundly changed him. He went far beyond the simple questions that were posed to him, and made the decision to bare his soul in hopes that it would benefit people and animals alike.

In time, and as he grew more frail, he and Laurie came to inhabit their own private world. They had the privilege of loving each other completely and unconditionally every day for almost 15 years.

He died on April 9, 2012, but sends messages to Laurie from his new home, and still looks after her from afar. He also reminds her of the dog’s perspective in so many situations, and guides her with the dogs she has adopted and helped.

His fondest hope is that you read The Endless Path and look at the non-human animal world through new eyes. He also hopes that you will talk to you dog, constantly, and learn to interpret and hear what they are telling you.

Gunny and Laurie agree that the unconditional love shared between dogs and people is one of the greatest gifts in life, and makes us better people and dogs.