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Laurie Plessala, also known as Dog Lovers Guru, is a renowned author, speaker and social media personality. Contact her at [email protected] for media opportunities.

Podcast December 15, 2019

Let's connect with Keith Macpherson

Keith Macpherson talks with Laurie, who “speaks movingly about the depth of her bond with her dog, her grief over his passing and her belief that death is not the end but just part of the cycle of reincarnation. She still feels connected to Gunny and hopes that her story will inspire and comfort other pet owners.”

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Podcast May 21, 2018

Stories that empower with Sean Farjadi

Laurie discusses how to learn to trust yourself, how to find your passion and purpose, and how possibilities open up for us once we stop doing what doesn’t bring us joy.

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Book March 15, 2016

Featured subject in “Life Reimagined” by Barbara Bradley Hagerty

NPR’s acclaimed journalist and New York Times bestselling author Barbara Bradley Hagerty included Laurie’s story about leaving her legal career to create Gunny’s Rainbow and work with dogs in her book Life Reimagined.

Interview January 23, 2017

Helping dogs with water therapy: Laurie’s Story

Life coach, speaker and writer Helen T. Stlelian interviews Laurie to learn how, “after a demanding legal career, Laurie followed her heart to open a business offering healing water therapy for elderly and ailing dogs. She’d go on to write a memoir of her adventures with her beloved dog Gunny.”

Article May 11, 2018

Gracefully Walking Your Dog Through the Aging Process

In this article published in NOVADog Magazine, Laurie explains how the last years of our animal companions can prove quite challenging –given the rate of cancer, heart problems or degenerative diseases that our older dogs face– and what to do about it.

About The Endless Path

Book cover
  • Author: Laurie Plessala
  • Category: Pets: General
  • ISBN-10: 0991506863
  • ISBN-13: 978-0991506866

The Endless Path chronicles the extraordinary journey of two soul mates who overcame almost insurmountable odds to find each other and to stay together as long as they possibly could. And then one of them died.

It is the story of Gunny and Laurie. Gunny was a chocolate Labrador retriever and Laurie is a person, but those are just the forms that their souls took this time around. You’ve never read a memoir quite like this one because Gunny was not only a dog, but also the co-author. He was able to write his part with the help of his gifted animal communicator, Alexandra, who could hear him quite clearly. The book traces their life together from when he and Laurie met, until his death at almost fifteen years old, and beyond.

The Endless Path follows Gunny’s struggle to survive rare and near fatal illnesses, as well as their amazing adventures living all around the world. Gunny’s commitment to life —and his reflections on life, love, relationships, and what it all means are astonishing.

Gunny tells us the story of his life, his past lives, and incredibly, about the soul pact that he and Laurie had made long ago.

As seen in…

  • Featured subject in Life Reimagined: The Science, Art & Opportunity of Midlife, by Barbara Bradley Hagerty; Penguin Random House, 2016.
  • “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” published in The Virginia-Maryland-Washington DC Dog, Spring 2016 issue.

Some reviews of The Endless Path

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A beautifully written story about love that has no end

A beautifully written story about love that has no end. This book has forever changed the way I will think about the dogs that are and that have been in my life. I feel fortunate that I was able to experience part of Laurie and Gunny's unforgettable journey.

— Kirsten


Once you have lived with a dog, you realize that they have emotions; they experience love, joy and sadness. Laurie’s connection with her dog, Gunny, was extraordinary. She takes us on the journey they shared from his puppyhood to his passing – and beyond. Though this book may challenge your beliefs, in whole or in part, it is an amazing story of love and devotion.

Oh, and did I mention the book is co-written by Gunny? His thoughts on the human and animal condition are full of insight and wisdom. This is a great book for dog lovers, but I have to say it’s a great read for anyone. If you happen to have loved a cat, horse, or any other animal who you felt was more than just a pet, this story should really touch you.

Happily, the book is also very well written!

— Maureen

An interesting, touching, and thought provoking memoir

This is an almost unbelievable true story about a successful, professional woman who comes to love a dog. Laurie’s life takes her to live in several places around the world, but the love of her dog changes her life forever. There are tales to tell, and tails that tell. The book is written, in part, by Laurie’s dog Gunny, and it offers a new perspective on the soul at the other end of the leash. It is a book for anyone who has felt a connection with animals, but especially for anyone who has ever loved and been loved by a dog.

— Dorie

A brand new light is discovered in our beloved creatures

I couldn't put down this memoir down! If you are dog or animal lover I highly recommend this memoir. It's the most spiritual memoir I've ever read. Laurie starts out as a typical dog owner and was very committed to the love and care of her dog(s). Then illness and medical problems occur which brought out a brand new relationship with her dog Gunny which she and he never expected.

The journey is awe inspiring, beautiful and yet very exhausting. I will never forget this story. This book brings on a new meaning of our love for our beloved pets.

— Julie

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