Published on October 11, 2021 in Senior dog and Life and love

Embracing the new normal with your senior dog

When I say “the new normal” I am not talking about COVID or climate change! I am talking about the process that many of us go through with an aging dog.

Published on October 4, 2021 in Senior dog

Have a ball playing games with your senior pup

Lots of old dogs love to play. Using their brain and getting a little exercise at the same time are a great combination to keep them entertained and fit.

Published on July 26, 2021 in Health and Senior dog

What is the best way for my older dog to exercise?

Dogs, just like people, lose endurance, muscle mass, and develop arthritis in their joints. The difference is that they won’t be able to tell you directly.

Published on July 19, 2021 in Health, Senior dog and Orthopedic issues

What can I do to help my old dog with mobility problems?

It is hard to see our dogs start to age. Seeing them struggle on stairs can be heartbreaking. But you can do many things to improve their quality of life.

Published on July 12, 2021 in Health and Senior dog

What is Dog Vertigo and what will happen to my dog if he gets it?

Many older dogs develop vertigo – called vestibular syndrome – for no known reason. It can be really scary to watch and difficult to deal with.

Published on July 5, 2021 in Health and Senior dog

How do I help my old dog who is losing his hearing?

When the day comes that you find your dog sleeping through your arrival, or they don’t come when called, you know that your dog is probably losing her hearing.

Published on June 28, 2021 in Health and Senior dog

My older dog started peeing in the house! What do I do?

First, sorry if that is happening. Second, any older dog who starts peeing in the house needs to see the vet.

Published on June 21, 2021 in Health and Senior dog

My older dog is pooping in the house! What does that mean and what do I do?

It is very common for old dogs to start pooping in the house after a lifetime of good potty manners. Why does it happen? It can be a few different things.

Published on June 14, 2021 in Health and Senior dog

Do I need to vaccinate my older dog?

I will confess that one of the things that makes me angry is vets over-vaccinating dogs, particularly older ones.

Published on June 7, 2021 in Senior dog and Health

What can I do to help my dog who is losing her vision?

For me, having a dog lose vision is tougher than losing hearing. And losing both together is a real challenge for both your dog and you.

Published on June 1, 2021 in Health, Senior dog and Orthopedic issues

My old dog is limping! Does she have arthritis?

When I was running my dog water therapy pool, I got many calls from concerned dog parents that their dog had arthritis and wanted to bring them to swim.

Published on May 3, 2018 in Health, Senior dog and Orthopedic issues

Gracefully walking your dog through the aging process

The last years of our animal companions can prove quite challenging given the rate of cancer, heart problems or degenerative diseases that our older dogs face.